How are the cats kept at night?

For cats that are booked into the communal area, they are placed into their own individual rooms at night, and that is where they sleep, and are fed.  This ensures we can monitor their food intake morning and night.  Once they have had their breakfast, they will go into the communal area for the day where they can enjoy climbing, basking in the sun, playing and getting some fresh air on the balcony where they can watch the local birdlife.

Should my cat have a private room?

If you have an elderly cat or a cat that is timid or a bit anti-social, or you just want your cat to have its own room then yes, this might be a good option.  Your cat will not be disturbed by other cats and can graze all day on its food.

Do cats fight in the cattery?

No, they do not, because they are territorial animals, and they are on neutral territory at the cattery, so they do not fight.  Some cats may take a day or two to settle on, others a very short time.  They are closely monitored to ensure there are no issues.  We do also have a feliway diffuser.

How often are the cats fed?

The cats are fed twice a day, morning and night, in the communal area.  In the individual units, food is left out for them to graze on all day, but they have new food morning and night.

How do I pay for my cats stay?

We accept cash, eftpos, mastercard and visa.  (Visa and mastercard incur a 3% fee) Payment is made when you pick up your cat.

My cat has not stayed in a cattery before – will they be ok?

Cats settle into their new environment fairly quickly.  It is often more stressful for their owners, as meowing in the car on the way can be upsetting.  It is quite normal for cats to cry in a vehicle and not like being in a carry cage.  Bringing something from home with your scent on it like a t-shirt, blanket or pillowcase that they like to sleep on, will help them settle in faster.

What do I need to bring for my cats stay?

Please bring your cat in a carry cage, we can store this for you if needed.
A blanket or something with the smell of home (if you think your cat would like this)
Any medication or special diet requirements – sufficient amounts for your cats stay with instructions.
Current Vaccination certificate
Food – if you are providing your own food for the cats stay
Contact/booking form

Can we inspect Purradise Manor prior to booking our cat in?

Yes, we are happy for you to come and check out our cattery.  Please call to make a time.

Is the cattery heated?

Yes, we have 2 heat pumps for heating when it is cooler and also cooling for those warmer days.  The cattery is fully insulated.

I have paid a deposit but have had to cancel my booking.  Do I get my deposit back?

As per our terms and conditions that deposit is non-refundable.  However, at our discretion give a credit for future bookings.

What food will my cat eat while at Purradise Manor?

We offer both wet food and dry food.  The wet food we have is a variety of Royal Canin, whiskas, dine and fancy feast

Our dry food is Royal Canin which we have biscuits for both adults and kittens.

You are more than welcome to bring your own cat food if you wish.  Please note there is no discount on the price if you do this.