Welcome to Purradise Manor, a cattery that is run mainly by myself (Kirsten) but also with the help of my Husband Chris and my two sons Jack and Tom.  We are all animal lovers,   and our two boys have grown up with cats from babies and enjoy spending time and playing with our cattery residents.   We have our own cat Mary – who enjoys mostly sunbathing and sleeping in the boys rooms, with the occasional crazy run around with a toy mouse!  We also have a number of chickens who roam around during the day (some who are now pensioners) along with our two adopted ex racing greyhounds Hank and Ronnie and our bearded dragon Queenie who is residing in the Cattery reception and not to forget  the fish!  I have always had cats since a child even when I was living in London I adopted a stray cat!

I have  attended a Pet First Aid course with Pet first Aid and training NZ, covering CPR, choking, seizures, shock, cuts and grazes etc.  I have also worked in health for numerous years including working as a Paramedic and Anaesthetic Technician in which basic care and first aid can be crossed over to pets.  I am currently doing a paper also in Companion Animals through Pacific Institute in which I hope to increase my knowledge to pass on in the care of your family members when they stay with us.

We are all looking forward to meeting your cat/s and getting to know them during their stay with us.